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The most effective mask in the world, thanks to its innovative, high-performance HuCaretm membrane

Three layers Optimized for comfort and safety

  • Our revolutionary HuCaretm filter membrane features unique, high-level filtration and ventilation technology.

  • Two soft, hypoallergenic outer membranes.

Superior breathing and ventilation

The Humask Pro has a HuCaretm membrane that maximizes moisture-wicking and provides superior ventilation—all while reducing the common discomforts associated with moisture build-up around the nose or mouth, glasses fogging up and skin problems.

Comfortable, non-irritating materials

The Humask Pro is made with materials chosen specifically for their soft texture as well as their hypoallergenic and non-irritating properties for the skin. It is also extremely thin and light, which significantly reduces the discomfort caused by wearing the mask over an extended period. You will almost forget you're wearing it!

Maximum protection

Our masks comply with ASTM F2100-19 (Canadian MDEL #11828) standards for the highest standards of protection. Laboratory tests have demonstrated maximum filtration capacity and certify that Humask Pro masks are also 100% hydrophobic, which prevents the transfer of body fluid and ensures resistance to acids. In addition, the Humask Pro helps protect against viruses.

Exceptional durability

The lifespan of our mask and its HuCareTM membrane is 5 years, unlike conventional membranes that have a 2-year shelf life. In addition, their filtration capacities remain perfectly stable throughout their useful life.

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Masks proudly designed in Canada

Our products are designed in Canada by recognized experts and researchers in the field of fine particle filtration, in our state-of-the-art factory.